2014 OWFI Conference

May 1-3, Embassy Suites,

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Conference Highlights:

OWFI is two days jam packed with presentation by authors, editors, and publishers. On top of that we also like to squeeze in as many extras as possible. Here is a list of some of the highlights for OWFI 2014. Keep in mind, this is only a partial list.


Friday Night

Famous Authors Banquet. Each year we like to celebrate the accomplishments of our fellow OWFI members at our Famous Authors Banquet. Some of the highlights of the evening will include.

Wonderful food (and an evening that I don’t have to cook.)

Each table centerpiece will highlight an OWFI member’s book, blog, or any aspect of their writing they want to highlight. See Heather Davis’ Centerpiece tab on the site for information.

Individual recognition of OWFI members who had books published since our last conference.


Keynote Speaker: New York Times Best Selling Author: Eloisa James

First Annual Famous Author/Character Costume Contest. Authors are creative people. Perhaps the most creative people around. This year take your creative side from the inside to the outside and come dressed as your favorite literary character or author. All banquet attendees will be given a ballot and can vote on their favorite. There will be various significant prizes. Check the website soon for that list.

Buzz Sessions on Friday night after the organized festivities.

This is a very informal time when different small groups can meet and discuss in more depth all your burning questions about genres, contracts, blogs, characterization, small presses, large presses, agents, and who shot JR. Well, you get the idea – a time to ask all the questions you were too shy to ask in the big group meetings.



Basket Wars

Last year’s war success makes it possible for OWFI to once again offer scholarships to our conference. So again this year, we ask each affiliate group to put together a “basket” which doesn’t necessarily have to be a basket but an item that we can use in our silent auction to raise money for next year’s scholarship program.


Agent/Editor Pitch Sessions

Always a nail-biting, sweat-inducing favorite of OWFI, the opportunity to pitch your manuscript face-to-face with an agent, editor or publisher.


Coffee Bar/Bookstore

We’ve all noticed the demise of our favorite bookstores over the years. Remember the days of just browsing along the aisles, picking up a book just because the cover looked intriguing and going home with a new favorite author. Well, for two days at OWFI you can relive that experience. Brose our bookstore, enjoy a beverage and chat with your friends. If you are a published author take advantage and put your books in the OWFI bookstore and make yourself available to autograph a few. (See OWFI bookstore/book selling policies page at


Let’s Do Lunch

During both Friday and Saturday at lunch there are special add on workshops. Be sure to sign up for them on your conference registration sheet.

On Friday – Network luncheon – This is a new creative idea to really get to know the presenters and the other conference attendees. Our luncheon will start with a very short presentation on the importance of networking and some ideas to increase your networking world. Then we will have a speed-dating/musical chairs type lunch where you have the opportunity to meet more than just the person on your right and your left like a normal dinner party.

On Saturday – Lunch with Eloisa James

Or if you want you can take an OWFI Speaker out for lunch. Contact Tom Barzcak the Shepard Coordinator and he can schedule this for you.


Saturday Night – Glitz and Glamour – OWFI’s Own Awards Show

You might think the Emmys or the Tonys are star studded, but they can’t hold a candle to the OWFI Writing Contest Awards – well if you’re the one winning the awards. So plan on wearing your best duds and coming whether you’ve entered the contest yourself or only want to cheer your friends on, you’ll have a wonderful time. And again, it’s a night you won’t have to cook.


A much anticipated addition is a new section called Conference 101.

Many first time or new writers are confused or overwhelmed at the volume of information in the traditional presentation. (Okay, admit it, many of us old timers are also.) To help we have developed an entire curriculum for those who are just beginning to put their toes in the water of the writing business.

Presentations with cover:

How to get the most out of a writer’s conference.

Writing as a career

Basic Social Media

Writing /structure/characterization


Critique groups

Query Writing

Genres – What are they?

Different Modes of Publishing – Traditional/Small Press/Self-Pub.

Agent or not to Agent

Creativity – Overcoming writer’s block

Now You’re a Pro. Writer Ethics.