One of the many perks of attending the OWFI conference is being able to participate in the OWFI bookstore.

This year our bookstore will be run by Best of Books from Edmond. This is a major undertaking as we have up to 80 different authors who will be consigning their books for our temporary store. In order for this to work smoothly we must have the following from each participant. So read the rules carefully.

  1. You must submit a completed form on by April 3, 2019. Sorry, no exceptions.

  2. Authors many submit up to three titles but only books that have been published in the last three years.

  3. The information needed on the form is: ISBN numbers, title, author, price of each book

  4. Authors will receive 60% commission on their books. Checks will be mailed after the conference. We also need each author’s mailing address for their royalties check.

  5. Authors should only supply five copies of each title to the bookstore. If you happen to notice that supplies are running low on your titles you can bring more to replenish. Be sure to tell the bookstore employees when you do.

  6. Authors are responsible for putting price stickers on their books. Although the prices will be programmed into the computer from the ISBN numbers, most shoppers want to know what a book costs before they take it to the checkout.

  7. Authors may bring their books after 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, or any time during the conference and must pick up and check out with the bookstore employees their unsold books by 4:30 p.m. on Saturday evening. Best of Books and OWFI will not be responsible for any books not picked up.