Prestige Prose is a professional online editing and writing company that offers a variety of services to authors including line editing, copy editing, and proofreading.

When I started writing, I worked a fulltime "real" job while writing on the side, and struggled to finish a book that no editor or agent would touch. After years of head-banging, I finally got an agent, multi-book deals, speaking gigs -- only to have it disappear when publishing changed the rules! OUCH! So, I REINVENTED MYSELF and my career. Now I earn higher royalties than ever before, by working smarter, not harder. And you can, too!

WRITE SCHTUFF COACHING offers topics I've presented at many conferences, including OWFI. This is an 8-part series of on-demand (online) interactive coaching calls designed to help writers at all stages in their publishing career--whether you're previously published or yet-to-be published. Topics include:

1) Beat Writer's Block, Stay Motivated & Write the #$%^! Book (this one is FREE!)
2) How to Format & Publish Print Books & Why You Should
3) EARNING with Ebooks: Down & Dirty DIY Secrets to Success
4) Why Authors Need Audio Books & How to Expand Your Audio Reach
5) Pitching A Hit! Create Winning Nonfiction & Fiction Book Proposal that SELL!
6) Blog-icity for Authors: Why most author blogs SUCK & Making It Work for You!
7) Nonfiction to Fiction: Making the Transition & Leverage Nonfiction Expertise
8) Book Promotion & Author Branding: Free, Cheap & Effective