Sometimes, you just need to get in touch with someone. This is the way to do it. Fill in the form below, and you'll be put in touch with the officer or volunteer staff member of your choice. To get in touch with an affiliate club contact, you can email them directly by using the information on Our Affiliates page.


"Why don't you just put up a link to the officer/staff member's email?"

The web is full of crawlers—programs that surf the web and collect data for...purposes—nefarious or otherwise. Some of these crawlers are sent out by companies that collect email addresses then sell them to other companies that send out loads of SPAM. To protect our officers' and staff members' privacy, we believe it's best to protect their personal information behind a second layer of security. It's not an ideal solution, but it does do a lot to prevent the rampant distribution of SPAM mail, which gives our officers and staff the opportunity to focus on the emails that really matter—yours.

"You said 'second layer.' What's the first layer?"

Glad you asked. The first layer is an email located at the very bottom of the page. Crawlers travel the web by hopping links; they collect data on a single webpage, then they follow every link on that page to another where they repeat the process. There's an invisible link on every page of this website leading to a long list of dummy emails. That page has another link with another set of dummy emails. Ad infinitum. When the crawler collects those infinite dummy emails, a recursive error occurs where the crawler is flooded with bad requests. The result is that the company running the crawler has to dump their entire list of emails before running the program again. This is what I like to call the "nuclear option."