The generous contributions of our sponsors help pay for prizes awarded to our winners and maintain affordable entry fees for OWFI’s prestigious writing contest. Affiliate Groups are encouraged to sponsor one or more categories. Individual and business sponsorships are welcome. All sponsors will be acknowledged in the awards booklet and during the awards banquet. (Which happens to serve as a great advertising opportunity!) No contribution is too small. We will gladly make use of your pocket change! It all adds up in the end.

Full sponsorship for Categories 1–29: Unpublished Manuscripts is $105 (partial sponsorships are $55)

Full Sponsorship for the Categories 30–34: Published Books trophy awards is $60.

Full sponsorship for the Crème de la Crème Award is $500. The group or individual sponsoring the Crème de la Crème category receives one free banquet table, front and center, for both nights.

Sponsorship for the Crème de la Crème trophy is $70.

You may sponsor a category electronically by filling out the form below or via snail mail by following the instructions further below.

Writing Contest Category Sponsorship Application

Writing Contest Category Sponsorship by Mail

Make checks payable to Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc. In the memo section, write, Category Sponsorship.

Mail your check to:

Contest Category Sponsorship Chair
Vickey Malone Kennedy
721 East Boyd Street
Norman, OK 73071

On a separate sheet of paper, please provide a sponsor name, contact information (email and phone number), and a prioritized list of three (3) categories you'd like to sponsor. We ask for three choices because, sometimes, sponsorships for the same category arrive in the mail simultaneously. Please indicate if the sponsorship is in honor or memory of someone.


For more information about sponsoring a category, contact Vickey Malone Kennedy via email.

Your donations are sincerely appreciated by the writing contest winners and by the entire Oklahoma Writers’ Federation.