Welcome to the brand new OWFI 2017!

If you've been gone since the conference, you might have noticed a few changes here and there. I've created this page to guide you through what members and affiliate groups are capable of doing on this site. Let's get started with the Menu up top, shall we?

What's New

Our navigation menu is full of drop downs and options. Let's go through each, beginning with the first. What's New? will take you to the most recent news about OWFI listed on this site. It's updated sporadically by officers and staff, and it includes nuggets like The Latest, a blog of the most recent events and news about events hosted by OWFI as a whole. The President's Podium is where you can read what the president has to say about whatever subject suits her fancy. The Report is where you can see the latest issue of OWFI's seasonal newsletter in its electronic format. Also there, you'll find the Monthly Fiction Prompt, which you can enter for a chance to have your flash fiction published in the next issue of The ReportPlot Bunny is the blog of that little stuffed rabbit who has captured all of our hearts. Monthly Prompt is where you can find The Report's Monthly Fiction Prompt. Every month, the Newsletter Editor puts up two new picture prompts. If you win, your piece will be published in The Report.


This one's basically the core of who we are as OWFI. #WeAreOWFI features our Affiliate News blog, where our affiliate groups post the latest news and events going on throughout Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Arkansas! Our Officers showcases our officers, with pictures and bios included. Our Affiliates showcases each of our affiliate groups, including basic information about them, links to their websites or Facebook pages, contact information, and meeting times and locations! Become a Member gives you an overview of the benefits of membership and a link to the registration form, which you can also access by clicking "Sign Up" on the Member Login popup window. Become an Affiliate is where you can go to start your very own local affiliate group! Affiliate Updates is where you can go to let us know what's up with your affiliate group. If you want your affiliate group's stuff to go on the Affiliate News blog, this is where you'd write it up. You can also use this form to update your information in the OWFI database. Published Authors is a page listing all active OWFI members who are also published authors. The Membership Database is where you can see the active membership in full. You can also obtain contact information so that you can network with other authors!

Member Login/Hi, Name | Logout

Member Login is where you can login to this website using your personal email and password. To login, you can click anywhere you see the Member Login text followed by the opening door graphic. The two places you can find that link are in the menu and on the main page, which is always accessible by clicking the logo at the top of every page on this website.

If you're already logged in, you'll notice that instead of seeing Member Login, you see Hi, [Your Name] followed by a bar and a Logout link. You can access this page at any time by clicking on your name, then clicking on "Members Area" in the window that pops up. You can also use that pop-up window to update your OWFI profile information. If you want to logout, you can do that from either the pop-up window or by clicking Logout.


Conference will show all of the most up to date information regarding the OWFI Conference for the previous or upcoming year, depending on how long it's been since the last conference. Keep an eye on this menu, as it tends to change regularly. Especially as we approach the winter season.

Writing Contest

Writing Contest will show all of the most up to date information regarding the OWFI Writing Contest for the previous or upcoming year, depending on how long it's been since the last conference. Keep an eye on this menu, as it tends to change regularly. Especially as we approach the winter season. Additionally, this section features the OWFI Hall of Fame, which showcases the list of contest winners for previous years (beginning with 2015).

Find Us

Find Us is a menu showing off our social media links. On Facebook will lead you to our official Facebook group, where you can speak with other OWFI members, share information, and even promote yourself on Wednesdays. You'll also find regular announcements there about OWFI events and contests. Famous Authors is where our authors and affiliate groups promote one another. You can find listings of books written by OWFI members as well as information about contests and events going on in the community and across the country. On Twitter will lead you to our Twitter feed, where we regularly post about updates to the website, including new blog posts, affiliate updates, presidential announcements, or Plot Bunny adventures. Contact Us will allow you to contact any of the OWFI officers and staff by just filling out a form.

OK. I got all that. Now what does being a member get me?

Glad you asked! There are a few pages on this site that you must be logged in to see. Otherwise, you'll be redirected to the main page and offered a Member Login pop-up window. I could show you where the links are, but instead I'll just link you from here!

View past issues of The Report! They're all here, from Summer 2009 to the present. You can read them all, download them all, stare at them blankly, turn them into poetry, print them and make a collage, anything you like, all in one place.

Enter the monthly Report Writing Contest! Every month, the newsletter editor puts up two new pictures. You have 500 words to decide what to do with. Write a poem, a flash fiction piece, anything you like. If you win, your piece will be featured in the next issue of The Report. You must be a current OWFI member to enter the contest—which I suppose is obvious because it's on this list.

OWFI is full of published authors, and they're eager to be recognized. This page features a spreadsheet containing our published authors' contact information as well as links to their websites.

OWFI includes not only authors but speakers, agents, editors, publishers, and other experts in their fields. If you've been to a conference in the past, you've probably met a few of our members and really wished you'd gotten an email or a business card. This page will help. Here we list all current OWFI members and their contact information—if they opted to share it. You can also check out some members' websites here.

Want to volunteer during the conference this year? This is the page where you can find the names and email addresses for all of the committee chairs. They'll be needing help this year, and we'd love to have you work with us to make this year's conference a success.

If you're an OWFI officer or staff member, then we've prepared an area for you as well. If you want to find out what you have to do to become an officer or a staff member, you can contact one of us, come to the conference and talk to us in person, join the conversation on our Facebook group, join our contest to get noticed at the Famous Authors Banquet, or volunteer! All of these are pathways to becoming a more integral part of the process at OWFI.

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