Adding, editing, or removing an affiliate group is easy as pie. The most current list of affiliates is here. If any of the information there is incorrect, please correct the mistake by using this form. If an application for affiliate membership comes through electronically, I may get to it before you do. If it comes in via snail mail, I'll never get it unless you use this form. This is crucial to keeping the new membership database up to date.

If you're adding a new group, make sure to fill in all the fields that the group has given you information for. If you're editing a group, you only need to plug in information that has changed. You can check on the old information for the group by clicking here. If you're deleting a group, you only need to plug in the group's name; the rest goes poof with the group. If you want something changed on this form, use the Add a Feature form instead.

Affiliate Group Change Type *
Enter a city and state only. The exact location of the affiliate group's meetings goes in the "Group Meeting Location(s)" field below.
List members separated by commas (e.g., Isabel Swan, Blossom Teawater, Adam Albert).