This is the page where you'll add or edit an individual's membership if that member sent you a snail mail membership form. Or if, for some reason, they can't update their information themselves (because reasons). If something in this form has to be changed, use the Add a Feature form instead.

If you're adding a new member, make sure to fill in all the fields. Since we're just getting started with the new membership system, there is effectively no information that has changed and no members that haven't renewed for the year, so I don't foresee a situation where you'll be editing or deleting a member. If I'm wrong, let me know by using the Add a Feature form.

The full member list for the new membership system is available on the Excel spreadsheet I've sent you. Right now, only Vinita and I have access to the membership system site itself because they're working on a good export feature. Once they have one, I'll make sure the rest of you have access as well. In the meantime, let us know if you need anything and we'll try to get it for you ASAP.

Membership Change Type *
If this is an addition, inlude all information available to you. If this is an edit, you only need to include the member's name, the member's email address, and any information that has been updated. The rest will be left alone in the database.
Membership Type *
Member Name *
Member Name
If this is an affiliate or group check, include the affiliate initials at the beginning of the check.
Include only the portion of the check that pays for this individual's membership. If one check is paying for several memberships, ensure that the total payment on that check equals the sum of the individual payments for each member listed under that check.
Member Snail Mail Address
Member Snail Mail Address
Is the member a published author? *
Are we allowed to share the member's email address? *
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