Vivian Zabel

Make That Pitch Count

March 28, 2019
7 p.m. CDT

Often writers face an agent, editor, or representative for a publisher and have no idea how to “pitch” their manuscript in order to make a good impression. Many authors do not realize how important it is to research and practice in preparation for a pitch. This workshop takes the author through the process that ends in a pitch that can spark the interest of an agent, editor, or publisher.

Vivian Zabel has been a member of OWFI since 2002 and the OWFI Grant Director since 2016. She was honored as the Lifetime Member in 2013. As a former English and writing teacher, she finds the teacher in her continues to erupt. She often presents workshops and sessions at conferences concerning writing around the nation, including the Alaska Writers Conference and the OWFI conference. She has held workshops for different groups and for OWFI affiliates. Vivian is the President/CEO of 4RV Publishing as well as a published author and editor. Her books include YA books The Base Stealers Club, Case of the Missing Coach, and Prairie Dog Cowboy. She has three children’s books released, I Like Pink, Where Did Panther Go? and A Baby Doll from Santy Claus. Her novels are Stolen, Midnight Hours, and soon to be released Burnt Offering. Vivian also contributed to a book of short stories with another author and one of poetry with six others.

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