Joining OWFI as an affiliate club is as easy as filling out a form. Make sure to read the instructions carefully. For more information about Affiliate Membership, read the OWFI Bylaws in detail.

In order to qualify for membership as an affiliate club, your club must have at least five (5) members who are also members in good standing of OWFI. The following is from Article III of the OWFI Bylaws:

Affiliate Membership. Affiliate members of OWFI shall consist of those local writing groups in Oklahoma and elsewhere which seek membership in OWFI and have at least five (5) members who are also individual members in good standing of OWFI (current in payment of annual dues). Any group may apply for affiliate membership if it consists of and maintains at least five OWFI members in good standing. Each affiliated member group of the Federation shall retain its own entity and be governed by its own constitution, bylaws or rules.

If one or more of your initial five members is not a member of OWFI, go to our Become a Member page after you've completed your Affiliate Membership application and "Sign Up" for the appropriate number of Affiliate Club Memberships. You will be asked to sign an electronic agreement to abide by the statement above at the bottom of the Affiliate Membership form.

You can also apply to join OWFI as an affiliate club by snail mail. Simply download, fill out, and print our form-fillable Affiliate Membership application. Mail your application, with attached membership forms and fees, where applicable, to:

Julia Mozingo
P.O. Box 8217
Altus, OK 73522-8217

Application for Affiliate Membership to the Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc. (OWFI)