PresidentChristine Jarmola
Conference ChairSabrina A. Fish
Past PresidentTony LoPresti
First Vice PresidentAleasha Shelnutt
Second Vice PresidentJim Martin
SecretaryJulia Mozingo
TreasurerVinita Eggers
Grants DirectorVivian Zabel
Publicity DirectorJennifer McMurrain
ParliamentarianWayne Harris-Wyrick
WebmasterJack Burgos
Newsletter EditorMari Farthing

Christine Jarmola


Affiliate Club: Bartlesville WordWeavers

Take a small-town Oklahoma girl, mix in two academic degrees, summer missions in Spain, marrying a European, living in Switzerland, Kentucky and Georgia, books written, plays directed, students taught, two children birthed, and you’ll know a small portion of the adventures Christine Jarmola has experienced so far in life. As both the past president and current president of the Oklahoma Writers Federation Christine takes her writing and the writing profession seriously, but not too seriously that you won’t find yourself snort-laughing often when reading her work.

Christine has two novels published, Murder Goes to Church and Do-Overs, one collaborative novel, A Weekend with Effie and has been included in two Chicken Soup for the Soul anthologies, Angels Among Us and Merry Christmas!

Christine can usually be found either working on her next book or backstage at OKWU. And she can often be heard screaming at her ornery cat, Toulouse, who is always remodeling her house into his version of shabby chic with his ten front claws.

Keep up with Christine and sometimes Toulouse’s current adventures at


Sabrina A. Fish

Conference Chair

Affiliate Club: Member-at-Large

Sabrina A. Fish was born and raised in Oklahoma. She considers the three years she spent in a Texas high school to be a short trip down the rabbit hole that ended at graduation. She returned to Oklahoma to attend university where she received her Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Oklahoma. BOOMER SOONER.

She was President of Oklahoma City Writers', Inc. in 2012 and still enjoys being involved in the Oklahoma writing community.

She owns a trophy and awards company in Oklahoma City with her husband where she collects potential character names from lists of award winners. She is blessed to be called mom by what she considers to be the most beautiful little boy in the entire universe who has recently challenged her to learn song writing so she can teach him.

When she isn't writing novels, or attempting to learn song writing, she can be found reading, scrapbooking, laughing with friends and family, or soaking in a hot bubble bath.


Tony LoPresti

Past President

Affiliate Club: Tulsa NightWriters

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Aleasha Shelnutt

First Vice President

Affiliate Club: Member-at-Large

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Jim Martin

Second Vice President

Affiliate Club: Pen and Keyboard Writers

Jim Martin, writing as Joe Scavetti, is a storyteller in the nicest sense of the word. He has two books currently in print which deal with fun and intriguing subjects.

The LEGEND of Shiloh Woods is an adult fairy tale set in the Ozark Mountains. A forest doesn’t operate itself- that’s the function of elves and fairies.

Reflections of the Future is a time-travel novel about two friends who discover and pass through a time portal. When one of them returns to the present, they find that they are trapped in different times. The story unfolds as the progressive experience of each copying with the challenges caused by their separation.

Two more novels are currently struggling to free themselves from the confines of Jim's computer.

Why does Jim use the pseudonym, Joe Scavetti? "There are too darn many people named Jim Martin. Joe Scavetti is much more unique and relates to a 1960s joke about a man know by everyone in the world- an ideal situation for a writer," he explains.

Jim has retired after 45 years in Human Resources management. His last assignment was as Employment Coordinator for the University of Central Oklahoma.

His wife, Evelyn Wilson-Martin is also a writer and both are members of Pen & Keyboard and OWFI. Evelyn writes under the name E.H. McEachern. The second novel in her Jenny Tallchief series was published in September of 2013. Book three in the series will be available late this fall.

Living with Jim and Evelyn in Edmond is a Lhasa apso named Maggie Mae. Also a writer, Maggie has her own Facebook page which she maintains using Bark Recognition Software.

Jim is currently serving his third term as the Second VP of the Oklahoma Writers Federation. He has also been an OWFI Category Chair and Contest Judge.


Julia Mozingo


Affiliate Club: Lone Star NightWriters

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Vinita Eggers


Affiliate Club: Green Country Ruff Riters

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Vivian Zabel

Grants Director

Affiliate Club: Pen and Keyboard Writers

Born an Air Force Brat, Vivian Zabel's writing benefited from her travels and learning about different cultures as she lived in different places. The writing business fills and has filled most of her life. As an editor for over forty years, an English and writing teacher for nearly thirty years, an author with poetry, articles, short stories, and novels published (some with writing awards), and the head of a small publishing company since 2006, Vivian Zabel experienced both sides of the submission experience. She understands being rejected, too, and not only from major publishing houses. Since all 4RV submissions go to acquisition editors anonymously, an editor rejected one of Vivian's submissions. When the head of the editorial department offered to send the work to a different editor, Vivian refused, saying, "That's the only way to keep the company honest."

Born Vivian Gilbert, Vivian married Robert Zabel in 1962, and they were married for over 53 years. She used various combinations of her name in her books: V. Gilbert Zabel, Vivian Gilbert Zabel, and plain ole Vivian Zabel. Her family often appears in her writings; in fact, the main character in Prairie Dog Cowboy, based on her husband's stories of farming and working on ranches in his youth, had his nickname.

Vivian writes in different genres, whatever interests her at the time, from poetry, to children's books, to romance, to mystery/suspense, to historical. She teaches writing workshops and mentors other authors through the courses and her publishing company.

"I love reading and writing. I believe they are the corner stones of any viable society," Vivian states. "That reason is why I work to find funding for our conference every year."

For more about Vivian Zabel, you may visit 4RV Publishing or view 4RV's Online Bookstore.


Jennifer McMurrain

Publicity Director

Affiliate Club: Bartlesville WordWeavers

Having a great deal of wanderlust, Jennifer McMurrain traveled the countryside working odd jobs before giving into her muse and becoming a full time writer. She's been everything from a "Potty Princess" in the wilds of Yellowstone National Park to a Bear Researcher in the mountains of New Mexico. After finally settling down, she received a Bachelor's degree in Applied Arts and Science from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX. She has won numerous awards for her short stories and novels. She lives in Bartlesville, Oklahoma with her husband, daughter, two spoiled cats, and two goofy dogs.


Wayne Harris-Wyrick


Affiliate Club: Oklahoma City Writers, Inc.

Coming soon...


Jack Burgos


Affiliate Club: Nevermore Edits

Jack is a 32-year-old writer, editor, and home-based counselor living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was born in Miami, Florida, the son of Colombian and Cuban immigrants. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy from Tulane University in New Orleans in 2007 and his Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from the University of Tulsa in 2013.

Jack has been writing since the fourth grade. His friends and he began Nevermore Edits in 2012, which helped him make the leap from amateur to professional writer. His work has been published in Happy Days, Sweetheart, Beyond the Nightlight, Now Playing in Theater B, and Dark and Dangerous Things III. He edited Broken Worlds, published by A Murder of Storytellers.

Jack's fiction interests include science fiction, urban fantasy, and horror.


Mari Farthing

Newsletter Editor

Affiliate Club: The Inklings

Hi! I'm Mari Farthing, and I'm struggling as to how to introduce myself to you. I mean, I'm a wife and mother, but is that what I should put first? I'm a writer and an editor, and though I freelance now, I've worked for private industry, print media and a traditional publishing house to hone my skills, so maybe that should go first? Is it important to tell you how sometimes I feel compelled to write about really important things and sometimes I just want to post links to songs? That I enjoy doing things I'm not very good at, like knitting and running and finding the perfect slow cooker recipe? Because all of those things are me.

I love writing about Oklahoma and all there is to do here, about that special spot between heaven and hell that is raising kids, raving about things that make my life better and ranting about things that don't. I'm trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up and I know I'm running out of time.

Along with my duties as the Newsletter editor at OWFI, I'm a community manager with the Oklahoma Women Bloggers, a group dedicated to helping local bloggers find community and support and I'm also one of the local director/producers of the 2016 Listen To Your Mother show in Oklahoma City, a group dedicated to supporting motherhood creatively. So I can say with confidence that providing others with the skills and tools they need for success is important to me.

I have a great husband and I've been married since 1992, two kids who vacillate between awesome and absurd, both embarking on their tween/teen adventures, and my change of life fur baby, Trixie the black lab, who all make demands on me when I just want to be sitting on the couch swilling cardbordeaux and eating hot pockets writing.


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