A quick and easy way for you to support the arts in Oklahoma, and to support the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation while you’re at it, is to write your legislators. The Oklahoma Arts Council is an organization that helps to support the arts in Oklahoma by offering grants to nonprofits that help the arts to thrive, improving education, enhancing quality of life, and boosting economic development. Grants provided by the OAC allow the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation to run its annual conference and to attract lucrative editors, agents, and publishers to our events. Please consider writing a letter to your legislator thanking them and encouraging them to continue supporting the arts. Your voice matters!

Instead of writing a letter, you could also consider filling out the form below. We’ll take your letter and send it off to your local legislator, whoever that is! You can find out who your local legislator is by clicking here. Or you can let us find out for you by just giving us a little bit more information about you.