The following people have demonstrated that they cannot behave appropriately at the OWFI conference and are not to be invited back for the foreseeable future. Please keep this list updated by emailing the webmaster.

Speaker Name

Inappropriate Behavior

Arlene Gale Unprofessional behavior — cussing out volunteers.
Les Edgerton Sexual harrassment.
Judith Briles Unethical sales practices.
Charles Sasser Offensive remarks.
Henry Cline Dropped out without word the day before contest results were due; didn't tell us until we asked that he wouldn't be at the conference either.
Brian Roe Cancelled his flight himself after flights were delayed and rerouted; told us the airline cancelled his flight; ignored emails from the president; never paid back the money from his flight.
Paul S. Levine Yelled at volunteers in pitch room as well as at the president and con chair; upset an attendee who left the conference and didn't come back.