McMurrain Releases 5th Novel

Jennifer McMurrain, released her fifth novel. Summer’s End, a romance with a twist, on October 4th.

Devastated to learn of the death of her summer love, Tyler Peck, Jessica Collins can’t imagine loving anyone else. Her heartbreak turns to joy when Tyler begins to visit her in her dreams, creating a beach paradise for only the two of them to share.

Soon all Jessica wants to do is sleep in order to spend time with Tyler. Her real life is slipping away into dream land. Her mother, sick with worry, forces Jessica to take a job at the local library with the hope Jessica will stop sleeping her life away.

Jessica finds herself in unlikely friendships with an aspiring author named Eric Wheeler and an eccentric old woman named Betty. Working together with Eric on his manuscript and helping Betty fill in the pieces of her past, Jessica finds herself torn between choosing a real life for herself or staying in her dream world where summer never ends.

Before publishing her first book, McMurrain, worked at the Bartlesville Public Library as an Assistant Youth Librarian and is currently the president of the local writing group, WordWeavers and public relations coordinator for the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc. She has won numerous awards for her books and short stories, including being a third place finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novels awards for her first romance with a twist, Winter Song. To find out more about McMurrain, including dates for her upcoming holiday tour, visit