What's New at OWFI in 2016

Along with all the great breakout sessions, speakers, and networking opportunities you expect from the OWFI conference, we’re offering a few fun extras this year.

Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Gong Show: So what did that nice agent who sent you a form-letter rejection really think of your query? Here’s your chance to find out. Submit your brief, anonymous pitch for a live critique by our panel of experts. Maybe they’ll love it—or maybe they’ll strike the gong. To participate, write your pitch on a 4 x 6 card and drop it in the box by the registration desk. The Gong Show will take place at 2:30 Saturday afternoon.
  • Book Doctor One-on-One Consults: We’ve had requests to bring back live sessions with the conference book doctor. You got it! Bring up to 25 pages to the conference with you and turn them in at the registration desk. Critiques will take place Saturday morning. $50 per session. 
  • Photo Ops: Need a headshot for your book cover or website? Photographer Jen Nipps can help. Your first pose is FREE. Additional photos are $5 each. Group photos are $5 per person. If possible, bring a USB drive or other digital storage device for your photo(s). Jen will be available through most of the breakout sessions and during the banquets. 
  • Costume Contest: Come to the Friday evening banquet dressed as your favorite author or book character and compete for fabulous prizes. OK, so this event isn’t brand new, but close. Help us start a tradition.