Fiction Writing Prompt: June 2016

If you were at the 2016 conference, you bore witness to our battle cry: #WeAreOWFI. It works on many levels. The collected we are the members that make up this organization. And we are Oklahoma writers. It's what we do, it's why we gather here. And our collected work is what keeps OWFI going—and in order to thrive, we need everyone's words, including yours.

The most frequent question I've heard during the past year as editor of The OWFI Report is definitely "Can you bring back the photo writing prompt!? I loved that!" So we are—with a twist.

Every month, we'll feature two pictures for your story inspiration. Use one of these two pictures to find your story.

Of course, these pictures are just for show; if you want to enter, you need to visit the fiction prompt page.

Write something about it—a short story, an opening paragraph, a poem, a conversation, an article—whatever strikes you. Keep it under 500 words and give it a title. We’ll have a new set of pictures up every month (this month gets a few extra days).

Only members in good standing of OWFI may enter. To get started, just click on your choice of one of the two pictures featured. Enter as often as you like, just write something different every time. Use this as a way to stretch yourself in your writing, step outside of your normal writing zone and play around with words—seriously, that's the best part of writing, if you ask me.

Your identifying information will be kept secret from the judges until after all submissions have been judged and the winner(s) has been selected. Once a winner(s) is selected, he or she will be identified by name, but his or her email will remain private. Submissions that do not win will be destroyed. The winning submission(s) will be published in The Report.

So, what are you waiting for? Your story needs to be written!