Plot Bunny Goes to Texas!

Good morning writers! This is Plot Bunny, on assignment to North Texas—who knew there was even dirt and air, let alone millions of people outside of Oklahoma?

Where to start? Probably somewhere in the middle and just wing it from there since the Boss (more about him later) says we are pantsers—which is a bit confusing since apparently bunnies don't wear pants! The Boss tried to explain it, but I'm still not sure. As I understand it, pantsers just grab paper and pencil, and start writing, figuring out the who, what, when, and where later.

So, bear with me, I am new to this writing business, having spent most of my early, formative hours thinking I was going to be an Easter Bunny—not THE Easter Bunny of course, but at least one of the hundreds of thousands of understudies to the Easter Bunny.

However, a chance meeting with my friend Tony LoPresti changed all of that. After shaking hands and introducing ourselves, Tony and I began sharing our life stories. The exchange was Mine was short, after all, I was only eight—and a half, can't forget the half—months old. On the other hand, Tony was a bit older and had Accomplishments! Lots of them. Part time Party/picture pony and he was the president of the world famous OWFI.

Tony offered me the chance to become the OWFI Plot Bunny. I jumped at the opportunity even though I had no idea what any of that meant. But being THE—any kind of bunny—had to be a better deal than the million plus second assistant to the third understudy to the Easter bunny.

So here I am, Plot Bunny and world traveler. The Boss is a busy guy and keeps me hopping, so I better finish this and get it in the mail.

Next time I hope to have some exciting news to share with you. Here's a hint—it involves writing, contests, getting published, and lots and lots of PLOTS!

Wait? I am the Plot how can I be a pantser?

P.S. Check out the picture—the Boss and I were in a convenience store getting a drink when the girl on the right just walked up to us and asked if she could get her picture taken with me! The guy on the left is the store managers. People here in Texas are so friendly, and as you can see the girls are cute.