Greetings from Texas!

I was wondering what to say in this week’s blog. If this was a sci-fi blog, it might be called, “The continuing journey of that lovable creature known as Plot Bunny.” But it isn’t, so we will just have to save that title for later and go with the (down here) ever popular, “Howdy, A/all.”

Perhaps I could issue a call to all mystery writers to help discover what happened to the missing blogs posts.  However, that would be a mission doomed to frustration and disappointment, since sadly, the other weekly blogs were not lost, I just never got around to writing them.

Things have been busy… and hot.. here in Texas.  But now the little people have all gone back to school, we only need two digits to report the temperature, and the boss has run out of procrastination pills (I think they are really just M&M’s with peanuts.).  So here we are blogging as we wait for some friends to show up.

Some of you may be aware of the rivalry between the Oklahoma University’s football team and the UT Longhorns.  Being a bunny, I don’t know a lot about football, so I am not going to pick a favorite.  However Texas does have one HUGE advantage over Oklahoma.  In the several months since I moved down here, I haven’t been attacked by a T-Rex.  Not even once, and I am sure everyone remembers that unpleasant turn of events at the conference—where I missed most of Steven James’s excellent speech because I was trying hard not to be some T-Rex’s dimmer. Life is so much better when you don’t have to spend half the night washing off T-Rex slobber.

PS: while you are waiting for the next post, let me leave you with something to think and write about.  Consider what you might do with this plot starter.  [It’s Friday evening and three friends are gathered at their favorite casual dining restaurant.  About half way through the meal a woman approaches, drops some cash (coins, bills, and quantity are left to your imagination) on the table and walks way.]  See what you can make of that in 500-750 words. 

Well, gentle readers, that about covers this blog.  Until next time, happy writing.