The Naming


We drove through wind and rain so I could have a name. It was given to me in the morning, over breakfast. The smallest of them (I think the smaller you are, the more power you have) held me close and told me my name would be Fu Fu.

The rules seem simple enough. I am to leave all field mice alone. Oh, and go on adventures.

We've been called away from Oklahoma to the strangely martian landscape of Santa Fe. My handler, Leia, has informed me that it has nothing to do with Santa Claus, despite the similar names.

We came here to look into something called The House of Eternal Return. We won't know for sure until we investigate it, but something has clearly happened there. We've heard all kinds of crazy stories coming out of this place.

The stories don't start with the Agency taking a house out of Mendocino, California and putting it inside of a bowling alley in Santa Fe, but that's the part where we came in. 

Listen, I've got so much to tell you. About portals and other worlds. Secrets and conspiracies. Santa Fe and chocolate. But I can't do it all right now. 

We're still so close to the house. I think the Agency could keep my story from getting out if I tried to do it here. So, I'll be a patient bunny. No bopping the field mice. Even though I sometimes really want to.

Stay tuned. As soon as it's safe, I'll tell you more.

Adrean Messmer

I'm an Oklahoman horror writer looking to be on a (any, really) best seller list.