Centerpieces for the Conference

The centerpieces will be on the tables at the conference for the Friday night banquet. You don’t have to have a new book this year – or a book at all, we still welcome your centerpiece. What genre do you write? Aspire to write? Maybe you love them all! Show us how you feel about writing and think about your story and things that are important, then begin to decorate! You can use any container, just a platter, maybe a stick! There’s beauty in simplicity.



There’s nothing like a last minute key note change to keep a President on her toes. Thank you all so much for riding the waves of uncertainty with me and being patient as Staci and I hunt for a new keynote. You’ll be happy to learn that it only took us a week to find a replacement!

…*cue superman theme song*…

So without further ado, Staci and I are SO excited to announce:

The 2018 Keynote Speaker

Michael Dahl


Michael Dahl is the author of more than 200 books for children and young adults. He has won the AEP Distinguished Achievement Award three times for his nonfiction, a Teachers’ Choice award from Learning magazine, a Seal of Excellence from the Creative Child Awards, several Moms’ Choice awards, the Moonbeam Award, and had been shortlisted twice by the Agatha Awards for his middle-grade mysteries. He has written The Everything Kid’s Joke Book and Gotcha Covered! (with Kathleen Baxter) on nonfiction books that get kids excited about reading. His Finnegan Zwake mystery series published by Simon & Schuster won rave reviews. The Chicago Tribune called it a “wisecracking riot” and “golden!”

He is the author of the bestselling Bedtime for Batman and Goodnight, Football picture books. His Library of Doom adventure series has been the number one hi-lo series read in US schools for years. His latest picture book Sweet Dreams, Supergirl was recently reviewed by Booklist as  “a perfect introductory graphic novel for picture-book readers,” a “guaranteed bedtime favorite for your little supersleeper” and “as admirably diverse as the rest of the series.”

Dahl has spoken at schools, libraries, and conferences across the US, including ALA, Texas Library Association, the Tulsa Reading Council, Oklahoma Young Writers Association, the Massachusetts School Library Association, the Bank Street School and at the New York Public Library. He currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota in a haunted house.


I’m so excited to welcome Michael to OKC for many reasons, but the most important reason is that his Library of Doom books single-handedly turned my son from an “I hate reading” to an “I love reading” kid at eight years old. This author’s exciting and quirky writing style resonates with young boys and girls everywhere and if you know a struggling young reader, I would definitely encourage you to check any of his books out.

I hope you’re as excited as I am. Please help me spread the word about our new 2018 Keynote! Thank you so much for your patience and understanding during the somewhat trying last week.

Sabrina Fish, President

Let's Get Buzzed!

Buzz sessions are a popular event at every conference. They take place after the Friday night banquet and key-note speaker. These sessions are a great way to mingle with members and share information in a very relaxed, informal atmosphere. If you have an area of expertise you'd like to share, I'll sign you up! This is a fun, easy way to give something back to OWFI.

OWFI Conference Scholarship Application

OWFI Conference Scholarship Application

Full (two-day) and partial (one-day) conference scholarships are available for qualifying applicants. Lodging and extra tickets, lunches, or workshops are not included. Membership in OWFI is not required, but suggested. Application for scholarships must be received no later than March 1, with notification of selection by March 15.