Plot Bunny Returns to Oklahoma

While I was in Texas, I had a lot of adventures. So many, I didn't have time to write much. The Boss kept me hopping this way and that. So much fun! Now that I'm back in Oklahoma, I've decided to commit to blogging more often. You need to know what I'm doing so that you can learn about this crazy, beautiful world.

The Boss brought me to the registration desk on Thursday, and I got to hang out with the Registration volunteers. I met awesome people like Myloe and Adrean and Jack. Later I met more of the Registration crew. Most of them are part of one of OWFI's affiliate groups, Nevermore Edits. They told me that they would offer me many foods if I went home with them to Tulsa. Well who could say no to foods?

I spent all Conference meeting people. Jennifer McMurrain made a convincing case for me to go home with her. I told her I'd maybe go home with her next year. She seems super neat, and she's written like a million books. Did you see her presentations at the conference? Crazy cool, right?

I met a ton of neat people. I can't even name them all. I did get to spend some time with my new people. I was thirsty, so Shannon gave me some water. CJ held me in his very big hand, and it was warm in there. They both gave me strange looks, but I think it was because they were nervous. I'm famous, after all.

Finally, the big night! I got to hang out with Nevermore Edits and see all the winners of the OWFI writing contest. So many talented people walking this way and that, taking pictures, Jack running around everywhere...I couldn't keep up with it all.

I'm going on a road trip with Connor this week! We're going to see really cool stuff in another state. I haven't been there yet, so I'm super excited to take pictures and show off all the cool stuff I saw. Talk to you all again then!