Post-Conference Website Beautification

This is Jack, your friendly neighborhood webmaster, for an update from the exciting world of web development!

On Saturday, the final day of the conference, the Board held an important vote that would change how we do business on the site. It involved switching our membership management service from SentryLogin to MemberSpace. MemberSpace was much more expensive, but it allows us to automate a lot of functions that were normally handled by the secretary, treasurer, and webmaster together.

I'll give you an example. If you joined the contest this year, you're familiar with the fact that members of OWFI had to wait about 24 hours to get their entry in the contest approved before they could upload their manuscripts. That will no longer be the case. Approval is instantaneous.

In addition, starting around September, you'll be able to renew your membership on a subscription. That means no more forgetting. No more checking your calendar. Every year, you can just sit back and let your membership renew itself! You do have to sign up for it first, so don't forget to do that in September or October.

You can also update your record on the site at anytime. If you moved, changed your phone number, changed your email address, or published a new book, you can update your profile at anytime by clicking "Your Account" in the Members menu. (Of course you have to be logged in to do that first.)

All you have to do, as a member of OWFI, is click the link in the email I sent you. If you didn't get an email with a link to click, you'll want to Contact the Webmaster and let him know.

Jack Burgos

Jack is a 32-year-old writer and home-based counselor born in Miami, Florida, and living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy from Tulane University in New Orleans in 2007 and his Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from the University of Tulsa in 2013. Jack has been writing since the fourth grade. His friends and he began A Murder of Storytellers in 2012, which has done a great deal to encourage him to take his writing seriously enough to start a website, Facebook page, and Twitter account, and to begin publishing his fiction. His work has been published in Happy Days, Sweetheart and Beyond the Nightlight. He is also the chief editor of Broken Worlds. Jack’s fiction interests include science fiction, urban fantasy, and horror.